A Free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Beautifier

Ten years ago, I launched DirtyMarkup to clean up dirty code. It was a fun little tool, but its best feature was that it was easy to use and didn't have intrusive advertisements.

I sold DirtyMarkup a couple years ago, and since then the new owners slapped on a header (that makes the page scroll) and some banner ads. 😒

I missed having my own tool, so last week I built a new one from scratch that’s even better. 💪

You can find it at: surrealcms.com/beautify

The new tool doesn’t use Tidy. Instead, it relies on JS Beautify for cleaning up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. That means it doesn’t require a binary and the results are instant.

If you’re interested in how I built it, I posted a write-up here.

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