Cory's amazing dot paper

In a world where designers use Sketch, Photoshop, and other apps to create wireframes, I'm here in my corner holding this old fashioned pencil and a stack of dot paper.

Sorry, but for me, these primitive tools do the same thing and I find them easier to use.

I don't know. I guess it's just faster to grab a pencil and paper to transform my thoughts into a wireframe. I also use it for jotting down notes and todos here and there. In fact, aside from GitHub issues, I don't even have a task manager.

I used to use lined paper, but that's distracting. Then I tried graph paper, which was better but still a bit distracting. At some point, I discovered dot paper, but it's incredibly hard to find and usually expensive.

So I created my own.

A small stack of dot paper on top of a wooden desk with a mechanical pencil on top

The dots are intentionally subtle to minimize distraction. I usually print out 20 sheets at a time and use a binder clip to keep them together. A good mechanical pencil is a necessity since it never needs to be sharpened and keeps a consistent edge.

This is the same paper I used to draw wireframes for my free HTML, CSS, and JS beautifier.

Today, I'm releasing my homegrown dot paper for free in two variations:

The version with grid is excellent for wireframes, as it provides a way to measure without counting dots.

Just download, print, and start creating!