A Beautiful Site, LLC

A Beautiful Site is a small, veteran-owned web development studio that was founded by Cory LaViska in 2007. Our passion lives in making great apps on the web.

A few things we’re responsible for:

  • Surreal CMS – a hosted content management service.
  • Postleaf – an open source blogging platform built for the modern publisher.
  • Code Beautifier – a free tool for beautifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Favikon – a free tool for generating favicons.

The Founder

FounderCory LaViska is a founder and bootstrapper with a passion for web development and design. He grew up on a small hobby farm in New Hampshire and later moved to Central Florida with his family. After serving in the army, he shifted his focus to education and began a career in web development.

Cory holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, both from Florida Tech. He now spends his time coding, cruising, climbing mountains, and exploring as much of the world as possible.