The SimpleImage Class for PHP

If you love working with PHP but hate the GD library, you'll love the Simple Image PHP class I'm releasing today. This class takes the headache out of dealing with images and features over 25 useful methods.

The class is incredibly simple to use.  The following two lines will load image.jpg, flip it horizontally, rotate it 90 degrees, shrink it to fit within a 320x200 box, apply a sepia effect, convert it to a GIF, and save it to result.gif:

$img = new SimpleImage('image.jpg');
$img->flip('x')->rotate(90)->best_fit(320, 200)->sepia()->save('result.gif');

Here's a list of the supported methods:

  • flip() - flips an image vertically or horizontally
  • rotate() - rotates an image at the specified angle
  • auto_orient() - adjusts the orientation based on the image's EXIF data
  • resize() - resizes an image to the specified width/height
  • fit_to_width() - proportionally resizes an image to the specified width
  • fit_to_height() - proportionally resizes an image to the specified height
  • best_fit() - proportionally resizes an image to fit within the specified width/height
  • crop() - crop an image from x1/y1 to x2/y2
  • square_crop() - trim the image to a square and resize to the specified size
  • desaturate() - convert the image to grayscale
  • invert() - invert the image
  • brightness() - adjust the image's brightness
  • contrast() - adjust the image's contrast
  • colorize() - apply the colorize filter
  • edges() - apply the edges filter
  • emboss() - apply the emboss filter
  • mean_remove() - apply the mean removal filter
  • blur() - apply selective or gaussian blur to the image
  • sketch() - apply the sketch filter
  • smooth() - apply the smooth filter
  • pixelate() - pixelate the image to blocks of the specified size
  • sepia() - apply a simulated sepia effect
  • overlay() - overlay one image onto another to create a watermark effect
  • text() - Add text to the image


This project is actively maintained on GitHub. Please submit all issues and contributions to the project page. Licensed under both the MIT and the GNU GPL licenses.

Download the latest version from GitHub

Update: January 10, 2017 – SimpleImage 3.0 has been released. Please refer to the repo for API changes and the latest features.

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