Postleaf: reimagined

It's been about nine months since Postleaf debuted as a simple, beautiful, open source, PHP blogging platform. The initial version was well-received, landing an article on TechCrunch and making its way to #1 for the day on Product Hunt. (Thank you so much, everyone!)

Today, I'm announcing something pretty big: A complete redesign, a new platform, and some amazing new features.

Screenshot of the new Postleaf dashboard

From the Ground Up #

Postleaf has been redesigned from the ground up. I've moved the project to Node.js, refined the user interface, and added a number of incredible features that just work:

Everything you loved about the old version of Postleaf is still there and then some. And it's even more simple and beautiful than before.

You can get the source of the new version on GitHub.