New Shortcut Keys in Windows 7

I was happy to learn that Windows 7 has some new shortcut keys that let you control certain aspects of window management right out of the box.  They're pretty easy to remember too:

  • Win + Up - Maximize the current window
  • Win + Down - Restore a maximized window, otherwise minimize it
  • Win + Left - Snap the window to the left side of the screen
  • Win + Right - Snap the window to the right side of the screen
  • Win + Home - Minimize all except the current window
  • Win + Space - Temporarily make all windows transparent
  • Win + P - Change the display setting
  • Win + T - Move forward through items on the taskbar
  • Win + Shift + T - Move backwards through items on the taskbar
  • Win + 1 - 9 - Launch or switch to the respective taskbar item (if already open)

If you have multiple screen setup (i.e. dual monitors), these will be helpful:

  • Win + Shift + Left - Move window to the monitor on the left
  • Win + Shift + Right - Move window to the monitor on the right

And, similar to the OS X zoom effect, you can zoom in and out using Win + + and Win + -  respectively. For reference, here are some of the other useful Windows key shortcuts that have been around in earlier version of Windows:

  • Win + D - Show / Hide the desktop
  • Win + E - Launch Windows Explorer
  • Win + F - Open up a search window
  • Win + L - Lock the computer
  • Win + M - Minimize all windows
  • Win + R - Show the Run dialog
  • Win + Pause - Launch the System Properties window

If there are other useful Windows shortcuts that you find useful, post them in the comments.

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