OS X Yosemite is now in the App Store

Apple announced some great updates to the iPad, iMac, and the Mac Mini today. They also talked about iOS 8.1, which will be available this Monday (October 20th). And then came the much anticipated OS X Yosemite release which is supposed to be available today—but you may want to hold off for a bit.

As soon as Apple told us Yosemite would be available today, there must have been thousands of people refreshing the App Store constantly to download it. No luck though, because it didn't show up for at least a few hours and, once it did, users started reporting problems downloading it:

Yosemite download error

As with all major launches, you might want to hold off for a day or two until the dust settles. Otherwise, you'll likely find yourself frustrated by errors, slow download speeds, and other quirks that haven't been worked out yet.

I have no doubt that Yosemite will be a great operating system, but I've waited many months for it to arrive so I'm OK with waiting another day or two to avoid these launch day hiccups.

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