Opera Mini coming to Microsoft phones

Today, Opera announced that its mobile browser, Opera Mini, will become the default web browser for some of Microsoft's lower end phones.

Opera Mini is replacing Nokia's Xpress Browser, which will likely be phased out as a result. Existing Xpress users will be encouraged to upgrade to Opera Mini. According to Opera Software:

The licensing agreement applies to mobile phones based on the Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha software platforms.

While it won't replace Internet Explorer on higher end devices, this move shows that Microsoft doesn't want to waste resources by maintaining software for legacy devices. That could be an indication that demand is dying for these models, or that Microsoft simply wants to focus exclusively on higher end smartphones.

Admittedly, I was a bit excited when I first read the headline. I've been saying for years that Microsoft should ditch Internet Explorer and replace it with Opera, but this is probably the closest will ever see to that happening.

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