jQuery MiniColors (A Tiny Color Picker)

While developing Surreal CMS, we found the need for a simple jQuery-based color picker.  What we wanted was something very simple, preferably something that piggy-backed an input control.  While we found an extensive number of color picker plugins available, we failed to find any that were simple and compact enough for our needs (except for perhaps ColourMod, which is neither jQuery-based nor open-source).  Thus, jQuery MiniColors was born.

jQuery MiniColors

Update (Aug 19, 2013): MiniColors now works with Bootstrap 3!

Update (Jan 26, 2013): MiniColors was completely re-written. The documentation below has been made current.


  • Ability to place controls inline
  • Multiple variations
  • Touch support
  • Opacity support
  • Default values (blank reverts to transparent)
  • Ability to place swatch on the left or right of the input element
  • Adjustable dropdown position
  • Utility functions to get RGB(A) objects/strings
  • Customizable default settings
  • Fresh but familiar new look

Demo, Documentation & Download

This project is actively maintained on GitHub.  Please submit all issues and contributions to the project page.

Demo & Documentation | Download It

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