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I've always been a fan of Google. Since the first time I heard the name, which immediately reminded me of an infant trying to learn how to speak, I was impressed by the simplicity of their page design and the accuracy of their search results. The addition of great services, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, Google Documents, Google Photos, and Google Video, make having a Google account more than worthwhile. Yes, in the eyes of millions of fans, including myself, Google has doing everything right so far.

The company recently made a change to their homepage. They added a dropdown menu at the very top of the screen that links to many of their different services, making it incredibly convenient to access nearly all areas of Google. As an added bonus, Google accounts are single-sign-on so you only have to login one time to access all of your personalized Google services, including Gmail, Google Documents, Google Photos, and my newest favorite, Google Reader.

Google Reader is a web-based feed aggregator that has just about every feature you could expect from a feed reader. The familiar Google interface makes usability a snap and, since it supports importing/exporting OPML files, transitioning to and from Google Reader is incredibly easy.

So, if you're in the market for a web-based aggregator or, perhaps, you just want to see what all the hype is about, check out Google Reader. Oh, and don't forget to add A Beautiful Site's notebook feed to your subscriptions ;)

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