DirtyMarkup 2.0

Back in 2009, I launched a free service called DirtyMarkup that parses and repairs invalid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now it's received its first big update.

Here's a screenshot of the new version:

DirtyMarkup refresh

What's new

Options & Interface

  • The overall layout hasn't changed much, but the rest of the UI has been updated
  • It's gone flat, which is both hip and trendy
  • The code editor now uses Pastel on Dark instead of a light theme


  • Some options have been simplified
  • XHTML and older HTML doctypes are no longer supported. From now on, the service assumes HTML5.
  • The ability to add empty lines to improve code clarity was added


  • The options for CSS haven't changed—they were already perfect ;)
  • Media queries will no longer break, thanks to a fork of CSS Tidy


  • The break chained methods option was added

Updated libraries

Special thanks

I'd like to take a moment to thank Smashing Magazine, who's tweets and Facebook posts helped propel DirtyMarkup from about 1,000 users to over 34,000 users a month. I'd also like to thank everyone who's posted about it on their blogs, Twitter, etc. Help keep it growing by telling your friends and followers about DirtyMarkup!

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